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2N Series Transistors

A range of 2N Series general purpose transistors in various packages, for a wide range of applications.

Product NumberData SheetProduct NamePriceAdd to Basket
101-003 2N3702 PNP Transistor x 10 Data Sheet 2N3702 PNP Transistor x 10£2.25
101-004 2N3704 NPN General purpose Audio x 10 Data Sheet 2N3704 NPN General purpose Audio x 10£2.17
101-005 2N3904 NPN Transistor x 10£2.08
101-006 2N3906 PNP Transistor x 10£2.17


Product Pol Package Vcb max Vce max Ic max Ptot FT min (hz) Hfe
2N3702 PNP TO92 40 25 200mA 360mW 100 60 min
2N3704 NPN TO92 50 30 800mA 360mW 100 300 min
2N3904 NPN TO92 60 40 200mA 310mW 250 100 min
2N3906 PNP TO-92 -40v -40v -200mA 625mW 250 30 Min