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Point Position Indicator with Build in CDU

4 channel point position indicator with built in capacitor discharge unit for model railway point motor switching and indication.

With a built in CDU (Dual or Mega) this circuit eliminates the need for extra circuitry and from one supply can control all your point motors and LED indicators. The built in CDU provides a fast smooth DC voltage direct to your point motors to ensure smooth switching.

The Dual CDU version has virtually 10,000uf which ensures fast responsive action when switch two or more points at any one time.

The Mega CDU version has four capacitors with virtually 20,000uf which ensures fast responsive action when switching up to four points at any one time or for larger layouts were point motors and some distance away.

  • Remembers points position, even after the power has been turned off
  • Built in Capacitor Discharge Unit (CDU)
  • Monitors up to 4 sets of points
  • Supplied with 4 red and 4 green led's
  • 8 resistors
  • LED panel mounting Clips
  • PCB stand offs for mounting your circuit board safely
  • Operates from 16V to 20V ac or dc
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102-014 PPI with Dual CDU + LED kit£20.82
102-015 PPI with mega CDU + LED kit£23.32
102-016 PPI with dual CDU + Pre - wired LED kit£22.48
102-017 PPI with mega CDU + Pre - wired LED kit£24.98

The below wiring diagram shows channel 1 (L1 + T1) connected to point motor, point motor switch and red/green positioning LED's the same will need to be duplicated for channel 2 (L2 +T2), channel 3 (L3 + T3) and channel 4 (L4 +T4)

Point Position Indicator with Build in CDU wiring diagram

Circuit terminal connection points

Point motor channel wiring:

channel 1 (1st point motor)

For our example we have used 1 SPDT miniature momentary toggle switch, this is a sprung switch and will revert back to the center position when released.

These switches have 3 pins; the center pin is the common positive which should be wired to your circuit at terminal 1 the positive supply for point motors.

The remaining two outputs of your switch should be wired as so:

On the circuit board T1, T2, T3, T4 represent Triggers from your point motor switch T1 for channel 1, T2 for channel 2, T3 for channel 3 and T4 for channel 4

L1, L2, L3 L4 represent Live LED supplies for each channel

You now need to reproduce the above wiring for each channel and point motors you require switching. Please take note for each channels LED supply and triggers on the circuit wiring diagram before wiring each further channel.

Depending on the position of your points either the red LED or the Green LED will be lit.

If you need assistance in wiring the circuit please feel free to ask, our dedicated support team can assist you via email or over the phone.