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Photo Resist Coated Boards

Single and double-sided copper clad FR4 epoxy glass boards, with a positive working photo-resist coating, protected by a peel-off plastic film. Suitable for normal industrial and professional applications. Base laminate conforms to all international standards and releases, as lisited in IPC4101A.

RoHS compliant

Thickness: 1.6mm
Copper foil: 35 micron
Dissipation factor: 35
Dielectric constant: 5.4
Solderbath resistance (260°C): 20 secs
Resist thickness: 5 microns
Spectral response: 350-450nm, typical 2-3 minute exposure
UV light energy required: Approx. 50mJ/cm
Shelf life: 1 year at 15-20°C
Developer: Order ref: 400-002
Etchant: Fine Etch Order ref: 400-001

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114-001 1 x Photo Resist Board -100mm x 160mm single sided£3.75
114-002 2 x Photo Resist Board - 100mm x 160mm single sided£7.00