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Electronics Frequently Asked Questions

Electronics can be confusing so to help visitors on our website and to aid them in choosing the right components they need we have our Frequently Asked Questions section. Here you will find help and answers to some of the more commonly asked questions.

Our Led Resistor Calculator will perform the necessary calculations required for the LED of your choosing, Just enter your supply voltage, LED forward voltage and LED forward current, our custom Led Resistor Calculator will then tell you want the recommended resistor is and a what watts the resistors need to be.

Also you can find help and advice on our resistor calculator script about LED's, for example which is the positive and which is the negative leg of an LED.

Our all about resistors section will help you understand what the function of a resistor is, its main application and the different types of resistors and how to select the right resistor power rating for your circuit. For help determining the value of a resistor please use our 4 band resistor calculator.

Our All About Diodes section will help you understand what a Signal Diode and what a Rectifier Diode does, how they function, there schematic symbol and which way round a diode should be connected. You will also come to understand the forward bias, (forward voltage) and reverse bias, (reverse voltage) and selecting the right diode for the job intended.

Our All About Capacitors section will help you understand what the function of a capacitor is within a circuit, there schematic symbol and which way round a capacitor should be connected. We will also cover the different types of capacitors, their values and how to determine a capacitors values.

All Frequently Asked Questions