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Mega UV Exposure Unit

Low Cost UV Units

The steel cased LV models are the most cost effective UV units offered. The tubes are in the base which means the artwork has to be registered on the UV sensitive area and then placed face down onto the exposure area. Coloured black, each unit has a hinged lid containing a pressure pad which, when the lid is held closed by the two retaining clips, acts to force the artwork and sensitive material firmly together on the UV illuminated area. All controls are conveniently front mounted. The unit has a six minute mechanical timer which also acts as the mains switch. When the control knob is rotated to the required time the power is turned on and the exposure commences. The timer clicks off as soon as the exposure is completed. Comes complete with IEC socket and moulded 13 amp plug.

Model LV202-E
Working Area 9 x 6.25" 229 x 159 mm
Timer  6 mins.
UV Output 2 x 8W (2.5 mW/cm²)
Dimensions  420 x 175 x 90mm
Weight 4.0 KG

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